Introducing TruGuard Lite:
Red Wing Shoes’ latest line of workboots that combine heavy duty performance without the extra weight and bulk. Through innovative design, the TruGuard Lite family proves that lightweight comfort can coexist with rugged durability. Forces collide.Through R&D and experimentation, we were able to craft moments showcasing the coming together of opposing materials to create a new form factor in speaking to the duality of the new TruGuard Lite workboots. The two films that we created begin by introducing our object and materials before simulating moments of collision that represent the coming together of these elements with opposing benefits to create something new.
Research & development
Through extensive research and experimentation, FutureDeluxe were able to craft moments capturing the fusion of opposing materials to produce a new form factor symbolising the duality of the new TruGuard Lite workboots. Both films commence by introducing the various objects and materials, followed by simulating moments of collision that represent the merger of these elements which have opposing benefits, resulting in the creation of something new and innovative.
Directed and Produced by FutureDeluxe.

Executive Creative Director: Ant Baena

Creative Director: Bryant Nichols

Art Director: Stefan Kang

Producers: Angel Hu, Tracy Clifton

Design & Animation: Stefan Kang, Martin Cusano, Michael Kim, Steven Dvornik, Matt Taylor, Florian Bauman, Krzesimir Drachal

Modeling + Product: Sam Cividanis, Nick Scarcella, Wei Chung, Kornel Makarowicz

Editor: Matt Cronin

Sound by: Cypher
Composer: Joris van Grunsven
Sound Design & Mix: John Black
Executive Producer: Julie Neff

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